giovedì, 21 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in News
D’ORO’s Volumes are made by hand, one at a time, without the aid of machineries and according to an ancient tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages were not the age of obscurantism that is usually believed, however a very prosperous time for art, craftsmanship and luxury. Cultural luxury and refinement
martedì, 19 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in News
D’ORO gold book is presented to the Son of the President of Abu Dhabi, on his private tour around UAE’s national gallery. At the opening of last weeks exhibition in Dubai’s Nation Towers, Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan was guided around LeVault’s showroom, viewing an abundance of luxury items, one being The Golden Horses. Standing next
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Eight hundred strokes. The minimum number necessary to ensure that the golden foil takes the shape of the underlying mould, this masterful result is only achieved from the wisdom of our craftsmen, who work patiently on the foil’s reliefs to produce a cover of a D’ORO Collection’s book. We highly regard the skills of our
giovedì, 14 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in News
Each picture seen inside the covers of a D’ORO Collection’s book, are not straightforward illustrations, but true and unique paintings, with a mind and a hand that went to great effort to see them finished in this way. The Golden Horses is a great example, in the first stages of thought three main principles where
martedì, 17 Marzo 2015 / Pubblicato in News
Books with a cultural and material value. In this exclusive market niche, the prestigious publishing house “D’ORO Collection” is specialized. Among the clients the most important people on the planet. These are some of the topics covered by Dino Salvatore Giorgio, CEO of D’ORO Collection, in his interview to the Austrian television, broadcasted all over
sabato, 07 Marzo 2015 / Pubblicato in News
A memorable day for the publishing house D’ORO Collection and for its CEO Dino Salvatore Giorgio. Dino Salvatore Giorgio has had the honor of presenting the precious Books of D’ORO to Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square. Pope Francis was very impressed by the extraordinary work of the Publishing House and said: “Dino you are
mercoledì, 18 Febbraio 2015 / Pubblicato in News
From one continent to another, every gentleman of the modern world wants their feats handed down to future generations through precious objects, immutable and eternal. These great legacies can be amplified within the golden covers of D’ORO. This Publishing House restores the cultural luxury of a book. An ancient idea of production adapted to the
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The Great Russian history collected in a single volume produced by D’ORO. The volume was realized ​​on commission and collect the key moments of the Russian history: from the great battles of the 19th century until the present day.
mercoledì, 14 Gennaio 2015 / Pubblicato in News
The next January 14 Renato Guttuso returns to enchant London. The masterpieces of the great master of contemporary art will be the protagonists of the exhibition dedicated to him entitled Renato Guttuso: Painter of Modern Life. The Sicilian master celebrated all over the world has embellished the Aeneid published by the prestigious Publishing House D’ORO
lunedì, 05 Gennaio 2015 / Pubblicato in News
Dino Salvatore Giorgio, CEO at D’ORO Collection, interviewed by Alexander Kofler about the last masterpiece of D’ORO. The old techniques used at Publishing House D’ORO Collection have fascinated the journalist Alexander Kofler and the audience of ORF, the most important austrian tv network.