lunedì, 18 Luglio 2016 / Pubblicato in News
Dino Salvatore Giorgio, on the behalf of D’ORO Collection, participated last 5th July at the Gala dinner hosted at the Louvre that gathered the most influential exponents of the Jewelry Industry. The soiree organized by Judith Price, president of the U.S. National Jewelry Institute, drew a mix of industry folk and socialites. 
martedì, 05 Luglio 2016 / Pubblicato in News
Tuesday 21st of June members of the illustrated Canova Club Roma met at Villa Dino, in the enchanting surrounding of Via Appia Antica, to celebrate the closing night of the thirty-eighth year of the association. The event was dedicated to the traditional ceremony of the Honorary Canoviano, a recognition that was awarded, through the votes
martedì, 05 Luglio 2016 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
D’ORO Publishing House is proud to announce that the exclusive volume of The Golden Horses generously donated by the CEO Salvatore Giorgio Dino to sustain the cause at the 68th Annual Parsons Benefit has been won by Cynthia Germanotta mother to the well-known Lady Gaga. 
martedì, 24 Maggio 2016 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
Last May 23rd Maybelline New York presented the 68th annual Parsons Benefit at Pier Sixty in New York City, “which brought out fashion’s finest to celebrate the school’s next generation of talents. The event, which is a collaboration between Parsons School of Design and the College of Performing Arts, honored Beth Rudin DeWoody, Arianna Huffington,
mercoledì, 04 Maggio 2016 / Pubblicato in gold books, News
The result is a ceremonious combination of written and visual beauty. This is a D'ORO gold book
martedì, 03 Maggio 2016 / Pubblicato in gold books, News
As all eyes turn to the upcoming Parsons event in New York, the D'ORO Collection will be illuminated by the light of the contemporary art world. In its first steps, to becoming established in the international art community, D'ORO's presence at Parsons promises to propel The D'ORO Collection into the global collector’s consciousness.
venerdì, 29 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
D'ORO is particularly honoured to be taking part at the fundraising evening held on 23rd of May, CEO Salvatore Giorgio Dino will be representing D'ORO Collection and he invites readers to follow his perspective of the event on: www.instagram.com/dinosalvatoregiorgio/
mercoledì, 27 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in News
In a months time a prized piece of D’ORO’s Collection will be featured at the Parsons Benefit Auction – The Golden Horses – the texts of great legacies of man and horse, amplified within the golden covers of D’ORO. D’ORO is honoured to donate one of our valued books to Parsons, and with this gesture
martedì, 26 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in News
The difference between an expert and a novice is that an expert failed many more times than the novice attempted. With this philosophy in mind D’ORO renews itself. The excellence achieved can be overcome and to improve, this will be our goal for the near future. D’ORO’s books will be enriched even more so with
domenica, 24 Aprile 2016 / Pubblicato in News
Le Vault nestles between the marbles of the Nation Towers Mall in Abu Dhabi, it has been created by lovers of excellently designed objects, made by hand and with the maximum care. Their collection includes unique bespoke pieces, and is now enriched by the D’ORO Collection, with our brand new volume The Golden Horses.