mercoledì, 06 Marzo 2019 / Pubblicato in News
Martedì 5 Marzo 2019, nel giorno di apertura dell’ 89° Salone dell’Auto di Ginevra , D’ORO Collection e Automobili Lamborghini presentano DNA Lamborghini, un volume unico che narra, come fosse un romanzo, la storia di questo marchio della passione. Il volume, prezioso quanto i suoi contenuti, è curato da Antonio Ghini e racconta di come
giovedì, 30 Agosto 2018 / Pubblicato in News
A beautiful article by Gabrielle Darricarrere on D’ORO’s most recent Bespoke book, a wonderful collection of photographs by Prince Michel de Yougoslavie. Prince Michel de Yougoslavie first Photography book is available since last week and has been published by “D’ORO Collection” Publishing House, printing, binding and producing hand-made books in Rome. The book will be on
sabato, 20 Gennaio 2018 / Pubblicato in News
In the last issue of Marie Claire, a beautiful interview dedicated to the last book of D’ORO Collection, titled “Per Ogni Persona Incontrata” collecting the life of Francesca De Sapio with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.
lunedì, 23 Ottobre 2017 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
Vermezzo, at the gates of Milan, is acceding to host in its spectacular implant the best Egyptian horses, in lizzya to award the world champion. The apointment is set for Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October. There will be no entertainment shows that together with the elegance of horses will help to make this show
mercoledì, 03 Maggio 2017 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
In a spectacular villa on the legendary Appia Antica road, in Rome, D’Oro Collection crafts magnificent books completely by hand, in order to protect history and art in superb masterpieces that preserve their content and pass it down for generations
mercoledì, 08 Febbraio 2017 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
With gold plated cover the handmade books of Rome based D’ORO Collection is one of way to have an extravagant piece for one’s private library. The book cover is gold and the company prints, binds and produces books entirely by hand according to the most ancient tradition of Italian artisans
lunedì, 16 Gennaio 2017 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
The hefty, handsome and highly expensive volumes he and his 50 employees – including painters, sculptors, engravers and bookbinders - make by hand in a studio on Rome’s Via Appia Antica, using ancestral crafts and techniques, come with gold covers, original artwork and top-quality, 100 percent cotton paper. Dino’s goal is to achieve extreme quality. They are not just books, he says, but precious works of art.
lunedì, 21 Novembre 2016 / Pubblicato in News
Truly said because when we have a book that binds our memories and stories in the most beautiful way possible, we surely lose ourselves in it and later we find us in it too. The history of the D’ORO Company is not a hidden story. It has been inspiring thousands of people around the world who have a desire to record their important moments of life. For them, a book is far beyond a masterpiece of the collection.
martedì, 11 Ottobre 2016 / Pubblicato in doro collection, News
There is no friend as loyal as a book – Ernest Hemingway. Rightly said, because a good book is not only created with the papers but it further creates memories that last forever. And for that, the D’ORO collection is all set to lighten up Indonesia with its illuminating bespoke collection. The collection speaks a
lunedì, 12 Settembre 2016 / Pubblicato in News
We proudly inform you that starting form today, D’ORO volumes will be listed among the most esteemed Italian artisans in the prestigious Artemest Online platform which largely contributes in bringing connoisseurs everywhere wonderful handmade products crafted by exceptional artisans. In the section Lifestyle, under the category Collector’s Books, the collection of six exclusive D’ORO volumes