We would like to start 2021 by sharing a very important moment that made us proud: D’ORO Collection on air on Rai Italia.

Last month Rai Italia chose D’ORO Collection for the program “L’Italia con Voi”, dedicated to excellent examples of Made in Italy products.

Reporter Emanuela Romano interviewed Salvatore Giorgio Dino in the headquarters of his publishing house in Via Appia Antica, Rome.

The CEO mentioned anecdotes and unpublished curiosities about the major D’ORO Collection Collectors.

For the first time, an interview on how Salvatore Giorgio Dino decided to embark on his path in the world of publishing.

New intuitions, the desire to be unique and evolve with the idea of carrying on centuries-old traditions.

This is the formula of D’ORO Collection which, as its first client, boasts no less than Pope John Paul II. Salvatore Giorgio says he was lucky in having him as his first client, because he believed in an eighteen-year-old young man and his project.

“I wanted to make books that could retain information forever,” Salvatore Giorgio said to the Rai reporter, “And the only way was to make them as they were made 400 years ago, using the system invented at the Medici Court.”

The cameras of “L’Italia con Voi” take us to the heart of Rome, on Via Appia Antica, where Salvatore Giorgio chose to establish D’ORO Collection.

“This road has been a cultural hub for 2000 years, it’s the symbol of Rome and we are the only company located here. This place has a high symbolic value.”

Emanuela Romano guides viewers on a journey showing where and how a book is created and with what techniques.

From the stitching of the pages, which is done on wooden frames, to the chiseling of covers and the gold details.

Watch the video

Watch the report on D’ORO Collection on air on Rai Italia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6bOrP4w_Bg

Read more: https://www.dorocollection.com/it/il-brand/