Since October 2020 DNA Lamborghini returns to Tokyo. Where? In a unique location dedicated to the true lovers of the Sant’Agata Bolognese brand.

The first Lamborghini Lounge in Japan opened on October 29 in the exclusive residential neighbourhood of Roppongi, in the very heart of Tokyo.

As a matter of fact, D’ORO Collection Publishing House has chosen Japan as the only permanent location where DNA Lamborghini will be on display for one full year.

Some more details…

Limited printing of only 250 copies worldwide has made this book a rare piece, a pure combination of art, design and technology, a true object of desire for Lamborghini owners and not just them.

This precious volume, entirely handmade in the heart of Rome following the ancient Italian bookbinding techniques.

It is a real demonstration of how craft skills are handed down from one generation to the other and are implemented in a constant quest for perfection.

DNA Lamborghini is not just a jewel of art and fine craftsmanship, but also an example of how tradition merges with high technology.

It is indeed the first and only book in the world with covers made in Forged Composites, a top performing material which is used for the chassis of the Lamborghini cars.

The pages – patiently and skilfully hand-stitched with great accuracy – are made of artisan cotton paper; the spine and the interior of the book box with hegagonal pattern are covered in Lamborghini Leonis Orange Leather.

The Raging Bull emblem which stands out on the book cover is a bronze/24-karat gold sculpture. The same is true for the emblem of the Publishing House on the back cover.

DNA Lamborghini is written and curated by Antonio Ghini and illustrated by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini since 2016.

It narrates with great passion the true story of Lamborghini and, for the first time, shows all Lamborghini cars developed since 1963, with an analysis of the main models brought to industrialization level but not marketed. In its second year the book is further enriched by a new Chapter on the Sìan model.

The Ad Personam Version of DNA Lamborghini

The historical importance of DNA Lamborghini as the official testimony of a brand that symbolizes the Italian car industry has led D’ORO Collection to accept the request put forward by many collectors who would like to possess their own “one-off” copy of the book.

For this purpose the AD Personam program dedicated to the DNA Lamborghini book was launched.

Over and above the limited edition, every Client will be able to create their Ad Personam copy choosing from different types and levels of personalization.

These are only a few of the AD Personam proposals dedicated to the true lovers of Lamborghini super sports cars which will make DNA Lamborghini really unique and unrepeatable.

A craft object which is bound to remain in time, an investment which joins the past and the future becoming part of a family’s heritage and a sign of passion and culture.

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