Luxury Signature is the exclusive boutique where you can admire DNA Lamborghini for the first time in Qatar

DNA Lamborghini arrives in Qatar, in a boutique which stands for luxury and uniqueness: Luxury Signature.

Luxury Signature – one of the most exclusive luxury temples in the world at the very heart of Doha Festival City mall – is the new location where to admire DNA Lamborghini. 

Among the many objects of desire on show inside the boutique you will also find one of the most prestigious coffee-table books in the world: DNA Lamborghini.

DNA Lamborghini is the only book in the world made of Forged Composites.

Not only this: the cover logo is a true bronze sculpture dipped in 24-karat gold.

Automobili Lamborghini’s official book consists of 317 hand-stitched pages and narrates the true story of the brand from 1963 until the present time.

A collectors’ book, a work of art for aesthetes and connoisseurs presented in one of the most prestigious locations in Doha.

One of the 250 numbered copies is in fact displayed in a showcase inside the Luxury Signature boutique.

DNA Lamborghini arrives for the first time in Qatar in its original version with Leonis Orange spine.

A real jewel in the publishing scenario, handmade by D’ORO Collection artists and craftsmen in the heart of Rome.

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