Parsons Benefit 2016

D’ORO Collection travels to New York, after the donation of our valued book, The Golden Horses.

Parsons Benefit is an event attended by the worlds leading designers, who come to see the innovation of new and old artists. The Benefit gives the world an introduction to the next generation of design leaders and honours icons already in the field. Consequently, bringing together the greatest creative talents and making an occasion not to be missed.

This year, the attention is drawn to Beth Rudin DeWoody, Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan, and Sarah Jessica Parker celebrating their achievements in arts, design, humanitarianism and philanthropy.

Previous years it has seen the likes of Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Francisco Costa.

D’ORO is particularly honoured to be taking part at the fundraising evening held on 23rd of May, CEO Salvatore Giorgio Dino will be representing D’ORO Collection and he invites readers to follow his perspective of the event on: