Yessar Rosendar, from FORBES INDONESIA, about D’ORO.

With gold plated cover the handmade books of Rome based D’ORO Collection is one of way to have an extravagant piece for one’s private library. The book cover is gold and the company prints, binds and produces books entirely by hand according to the most ancient tradition of Italian artisans. It features highly selected materials like the finest leather, paper, and artisans employed in the process. Each page that composes the book is then hand folded and  sewed by hand. The books produced by D’ORO Collection are owned by renowned figures around the world and the company has been the publishing house of three Popes and several Presidents of the United States. Until two years ago it mostly served governments and now it currently  also creates a bespoke book to clients all around the world including Indonesia.

“Book and paper will disappear soon because the world has changed, we want to preserve your life, your story and your heritage in the best possible way through a book,” Dino Salvatore Giorgio, CEO of D’ORO Collection says in an exclusive interview with ForbesLife Indonesia last October.

To create the highest quality book possible, all the production is done in house. Currently the company established 16 years ago has 50 employees and collaborates with 200 artisans worldwide. Dino also had certain standards to be met for the books: the gold cover must have at least 20 grams of gold in it and eight hundred hammer strokes are necessary to emboss the picture on the cover, as well as ensuring that the pages used are  made from cotton. Each page can also be hand written. Since the first book, Dino has engaged in 10 years of research to transform these books in works of art and currently it can produce a book in three months for a customer. The company typically produces 35 titles per year and for a bespoke project the price tag can be quite hefty for a book, a typical bespoke book it can cost at least $50,000. Currently it also has six collections of books that each tells different stories with the newest collection, The Golden Horses Book priced at $16,500.

One memorable bespoke project for Dino was for a car collector who liked to preserve his passion of collecting cars through a book. Since it’s a bespoke project the client can customized the book to his liking and in that particular case the collector wanted to have the book to use the leather from a vintage car, “It was frightening to work with leather that is very old but it was a memorable project,” Dino says. “It’s a cultural luxury, it’s a part of you that you can pass to your family,” he adds. Dino likes to travel around the world to search for exotic materials such as ancient silk and leather for his books, “We are always exploring new materials,” Dino says. Several well-known figures also has given their approval of the book quality, such as George Bush, the 41st President of the United States of America, “My family and I really appreciated D’ORO major works to which we reserved a place of honor in the presidential collection” George says in the company’s website.