From July 18th to 20th in Sant’Agata Bolognese – beating heart of the Italian automotive industry and innovative headquarters of Automobili Lamborghini – Via Modena Luxury Event organizes a 3-day event to celebrate the 40 years of career of test driver Loris Bicocchi.
Special guests will be the members of Lamborghini Club France who will have access to the UrusHuràcan and Aventador production lines.
Together with Loris Bicocchi, also engineer Giampaolo Dallara and Christian Von Koenigsegg will attend the event to give first-hand testimony of and speak about the Italian automotive.
On the occasion of his 40th Anniversary, Loris Bicocchi will personally sign a copy of the DNA Lamborghini Official Book and will jot down a few lines for us remembering the highlights of his time with – or rather at the wheel of – the Lamborghini supersports cars.