DNA Lamborghini – which has been called a jewel book since the first press release announcing its publication in March 2019 – is part of the collections displayed in one of the most prestigious jewelry shops in the world: House Of K’Dor. The Volume – strongly wanted there by Creative Director Zena Kaddour – it’s on sale at the fascinating boutique inside Intercontinental Double Bay. This precious book narrates with great passion the true story of Lamborghini and, for the first time, shows all cars developed since 1963, with a review of the main models brought to the industrialization stage but never marketed.
The DNA Lamborghini book covers are the first and only ones in the world made of Forged Composites, Lamborghini’s unique top-performing state-of-the-art composite material used in super sports cars. The Raging Bull shield is a true bronze bas-relief gilded by immersion in a 24-karat bath. The book spine is made of Leonis Orange Leather which is distinctive of Lamborghini cars. A classy location of unparalleled style will once again make this unique book shine as a masterpiece of art.