DNA Lamborghini

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309 pages – written and curated by Antonio Ghini and illustrated b yMitja Borkert-narrate with great passion the true story of the Raging Bull Brand and, for the first time, show all Lamborghini cars developed since 1963, with a review of the main models brought to the manufacturing stage but never marketed.
DNA Lamborghini is printed in numbered copies entirely hand-made by master craftsmen and artists who still use the old bookbinding techniques.

The book is a limited edition printed in only 250 copies. Each copy is numbered.



DNA Lamborghini
Entirely Made in Italy
Pages: 309–Part 1 “History like a novel” 23 chapters–Part 2 “Model by Model” 13 chapters–Part 3 “Year by year Models and innovations” Timeline
Author: Antonio Ghini
Language: Italian and English
Covers: Forged Composites
Inside covers: black Moirè
Lamborghini shield on the book cover: gilt bronze sculpture, gilding in 24-karat gold bath
Paper: white artisan paper, 210 gram thick
Leather used for finishings: Lamborghini Leonis Orange Leather with hot stamped logos using 24-karat gold leaves.
Bookmarks: three double face satin ribbons in the colours of the Italian flag.
Packaging and additional details: raw silk box with central windowand inside lining made of quilted Leonis Orange Leather, white gloves, black pure cashmere cloth.