The Brand

D’ORO Collection Publishing House was founded in the 2000’s by Salvatore Giorgio Dino who revamped the business which his family had established in 1965 with the firm intention to ensure its continuity.
The precise, far-sighted and ambitious aim which led to the establishment of D’ORO Collection was the creation of books of unparalleled value which were meant to stand the test of time and become part of the cultural heritage.

The Master Craftsmen and Artists who are responsible for the creation of the D’ORO Collection Volumes have for many generations held the secrets of the ancient bookbinding techniques which they skillfully use alongside advanced
state-of-the-art technologies to create the perfect conditions for a D’ORO Collection Volume to become a unique



D’ORO Collection Publishing House has its headquarters and renowned artisan workshops along Via Appia Antica in the very heart of Rome, where deep historical roots still imbue and influence the creation of the books.

A symbolic place for a Company that has contributed to making Italian products an excellence which is largely acknowledged worldwide. A place where culture, tradition, art and innovation merge to create unique works of art which keep up the value and the know-how of Italian craftsmanship.



The Lion is the emblem of D’ORO Collection Publishing House, symbolically guarding the cultural heritage of mankind. The Lion is fully aware of its past and its traditions, but at the same time it is fearlessly looking at the future.
A proud golden Lion resting its paw on an open book represents the origins and the future.



Through the past two decades the 24-karat gold covers – which are of strong artistic impact and add value to all D’ORO Collection Volumes – have become a true icon of D’ORO Publishing House.

They are authentic works of art made according to different sculpting techniques: they are a magnificent way to enshrine the pages of the Books and add prestige to all Publications.



Each work by D’ORO Collection is the result of superb know-how and craftsmanship which skillfully merge following the lines of culture and beauty.
Several renowned Italian artists contribute to the creation of a book: painters for the original paintings, sculptors for forging the covers, master goldsmiths for goldwork and engravings.



Every D’ORO Collection Volume is hand-stitched by Master Bookbinders who have for many generations preserved and handed over the ancient Italian bookbinding techniques. The pages are positioned on wooden frames of the type used in the Middle Ages and are stitched one by one using a cotton thread.

Each step required for making a D’ORO Collection book – using manual techniques in accordance with tradition – is taken care of by Craftsmen who have handed over this job from one generation to the next for more than 300 years.

Given their expertise, these people have contributed and still contribute to making D’ORO Collection Publishing House quite unique.



D’ORO Collection Publishing House cooperates with accredited expert biographers who are witty, insightful cutting edge writers capable of creating an unrivalled reading experience. Borderless works which are written and conceived in the desired language where even the slightest nuance is expressed in all its strength.