Our aspiration is to be the best book producers in the world, the only ones to still produce everything by hand, following ancient techniques. Painters, sculptors, engravers and binders are all working together to create true coffers that will protect the story they contain throughout the centuries.
In a world where paper books are becoming obsolete and being slowly replaced by e-books and pdf’s, we produce books that are handcrafted following ancient techniques, because only something iconic will remain in time, something like a D’ORO Collection book.

The exact timing depends on the complexity of the project; usually we guarantee delivery in three to four months. This period of time is necessary to achieve the numerous artistic processes that lead to the creation of the book. The delivery times may lengthen if the customer decides to entrust us also with the writing and editing.

As a publishing house, we are devoted to the creation and production of books, and we carefully preside over all the processes that contribute to the creation of a product of excellence including, of course, the writing.
We submit the texts written directly by our customers to an editing and/or correction process, in order to be sure to publish the book in its best form.
For the customers who do not have the time to write their own text, we provide them with a trusted biographer who, through a series of interviews, will write their autobiography in the style they prefer. We employ the collaboration of only the best Italian ghost-writers, the ones who are able to ensure the result of excellence we pursue, which includes the writing.

The first copy is the most expensive and its price starts at 50,000 euro; this is the copy on which the sculptors, painters, engravers and writers will be working on. Thereafter, with subsequent copies (with a limited-edition printing), the costs decrease considerably and therefore so does the price, which varies depending on the number of copies ordered.
The D’ORO books are objects of inestimable value to which it is difficult to attribute a market price, because of their quality and especially due to the fact that they are unique. Many of our customers are people who buy D’ORO books because they love to invest in art and collectibles.

Yes, the Bespoke line is made on commission, tailored to the specific needs of the customers, who can choose the paper, the leather, the adornments and type of printing. The customers can intervene, with their choices, during every phase of the process. They are, however, precious books, unique copies that are handcrafted one at a time. Our mission is to create books made to be cherished in time. Our goal is centuries, not just years.

The answer is yes. We can print any type of book on commission, following the same processes that lead to the creation of a D’ORO book with the classic golden cover, carved by hand. However, the Publisher reserves the right to decide whether or not to do the publication after carefully reviewing the project.

The Immortal Heroes and Art books series are also on sale at our publishing house and the texts are selected directly by the publisher, who makes the decision regarding their publication and circulation. The Modern Heroes series is, however, a literary award given to the individuals of our times who make our country great; the circulation is often limited and their sale is at the publisher’s discretion, in agreement with the wishes of the illustrious people whose lives are narrated.
The Bespoke line is published on commission and the publisher may offer the customer the opportunity of exposure and the possibility for the book to be placed on sale through the publishing house.

Certainly. The D’ORO Collection publishing house is housed in a villa on Via Appia Antica, the most important street of Rome, once upon a time known as the Regina Viarum, the queen of streets, which has been spreading culture to the world for the past 2300 years.
Email us at info@dorocollection.com, or call the number +39 06 7188256 to book your visit: depending on our availability, we will be happy to show you how a D’ORO book is born.

As a publishing house, we are aware of representing a unique reality in the world. We have reached this position by taking the paths not yet trodden and by pursuing excellence in every single detail; this means that we seek the very best for every single process and only the very best professionals to create a D’ORO book. We carefully select the writers, binders, printers, engravers, artists, suppliers of precious materials, and anyone else who contributes to the goal that we have set for ourselves. If you believe that you represent excellence in your field and could be valuable to us, send us your candidature with a detailed email at info@dorocollection.com.