D’ORO Collection opening in Morocco

Afraa Al Khatib with Salvatore Giorgio Dino at the headquarters of D’ORO Collection.

‘We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too’ – Kristin Martz.

Truly said because when we have a book that binds our memories and stories in the most beautiful way possible, we surely lose ourselves in it and later we find us in it too.
The history of the D’ORO Company is not a hidden story. It has been inspiring thousands of people around the world who have a desire to record their important moments of life. For them, a book is far beyond a masterpiece of the collection. And the mission of D’ORO’s collection is to print and produce high-quality books that can be cherished forever as a loving memory for everyone.
To spread the love and creativity, the publishing house of D’ORO’s collection is opening up in Morocco with Afraa al Khatib, phd in Archaeology, with the same believe of delivering the best quality as it has been doing in other parts of the world. The mission is to print, bind and produce the best quality books that reflect one’s tradition and culture.
We believe that a book is not only an object but a precious thing to remember forever. And the history of the paper turning golden made our mission more firm to come up with the unique work of art. We at the publishing house of the D’ORO collection have the experts that work enthusiastically to produce the golden cover of the books.
D’ORO collection protects your stories and life experiences and help you to keep them safe for the future. And a book is a perfect thing that captures and captivates everything in it. Our collection reflects the message of art and culture. Our expert craftsmen give a profound finishing touch and combine their passion with creativity.
The publishing house of D’ORO collection is spreading the message of art and uniqueness now in Morocco. The colourfully painted towns and wondrous coastal villages make Morocco a stunning piece of land. And D’ORO’s collection is perfect to suit the fascinating country. D’ORO’s books have successfully captured the lives of many great leaders. Our bespoke handmade books are strengthened by the fine Golden work and D’ORO’s artistry.
Our craftsmen persistently make each masterpiece of the D’ORO collection books by combining the lovely culture with bespoke luxury. They believe in producing books with an approach that people will love to keep them in their personal library. In Morocco, we are coming up with the same passion for making your living memories a forever loving memory. We are bringing the bespoke luxury of books in Morocco with a belief that a book is not only an object but a masterpiece that compiles the past and the present to be remembered in the future.
And from the narrow alleys of Rome, we are now all set to open up our company in Morocco. The country that has always been famous for appreciating the writers and artists still enchant the people who visit.