From August 1, 2019 DNA Lamborghini, the official book of Automobili Lamborghini, reaches the Land of the Rising Sun. The first Japanese dealer to display this collectable Volume will be the showroom in the sophisticated downtown neighbourhood of Aoyama, Tokyo. From today you can order your personal copy number of DNA Lamborghini inside the Ad Personam room, the beating heart of the showroom. 
DNA Lamborghini written and curated by Antonio Ghini and illustrated by Mitja Borkert, head of design at Lamborghini since 2016, narrates, with great passion, the true story of the Raging Bull Brand and, for the first time, shows all Lamborghini cars developed since 1963, with a review of the main models brought to the industrialization stage but never marketed. A D’ORO Collection Collectable Book printed exclusively in 250 numbered copies entirely hand-made in Italy by master craftsmen and artists.