DNA Lamborghini arrives in Montecarlo

Montecarlo kicks off the Summer season and confirms the new dates of the highly-awaited Bull Days 2020 Montecarlo Edition.

The weekend from July 31 was renamed to “rebirth” as it marks a restart, with the arrival of over 50 Lamborghini from all over Europe.

With DNA Lamborghini Official Book, D’ORO Collection  is partner of Bull Days 2020 Montecarlo Edition.

This is a well-established partnership since D’ORO Publishing House and Lamborghini Club Italia were together also at Bull Days 2019 Toscana Edition. 

The event – organized with the patronage of the Monaco Government – will take place in Côte d’Azur with Montecarlo as its beating heart.

The success of the past years has mandated the choice of a place which combines luxury and breath-taking sceneries and passion for motor sports.

Starting on July 31, fifty Lamborghini’s will fill the streets of the Principality and gather in the most iconic locations of Côte d’Azur.

Montecarlo Bay, Hotel Hermitage, Buddha Bar, Hotel de Paris are only some of the places that will host the 2020 Bull Days.

On this occasion, Automobile Club de Monaco, well-known for organizing the F1 Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Historique and the Monte-Carlo Rally, will take part in the event and will certainly generate unique emotions in car lovers.

DNA Lamborghini: Saturday the Official Presentation.

DNA Lamborghini arrives in Montecarlo.

At the Gala dinner on Saturday,  on the Montecarlo Bay terrace, Salvatore Giorgio Dino, CEO of D’ORO Collection Publishing House will present DNA Lamborghini.

The Automobili Lamborghini’s official book in its new edition featuring additional contents including a whole chapter on the futuristic Sían.

Furthermore, all Bull Days guests will have an opportunity to personalize their DNA Lamborghini book as if it was their own car, choosing the finish colors and the details.

This is only a taste of what’s to come at Bull Days 2020 Montecarlo Edition, an event full of great experiences – some already disclosed, others not yet – whose distinctive feature is passion for Lamborghini’s super sports cars which are, as usual, the undisputed protagonists of the event.

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