Entrusting D’ORO Collection with a made-to-measure project for your company means giving life to a unique publication, which will bear ever-lasting witness to the entrepreneurial history of a Family, to a person’s farsightedness and intuition, to a sound business where teamwork is the key to success, to brands that want to tell their stories through the years as timeless icons that are nevertheless projected into the future.

Books on commission


An investment whose cultural and economic value is bound to increase over time.

Numbered and certified works of art.
Our publications may be precious gifts for special clients, may be sold through the Client’s distribution channels or through the Publishing company.



D’ORO Collection Publishing House was established with the precise goal of being an ambassador of the made in Italy values, giving high prestige and quality to the contents enshrined in the pages of each published Volume.

Our Books are handmade following the ancient bookbinding techniques, thus obtaining unique masterpieces where each detail exemplifies a constant quest for perfection.

Made-to-measure Books – Step by step