Twenty years to bring the past
back to life

It was the Year Two-Thousand when – in the very heart of Rome – Salvatore Giorgio Dino founded D’ORO Collection Publishing House, following up on a tradition that had started in 1965.

A Publishing House which brings centuries of history and traditions back to life, from the Middles Ages to the present time. The very size of the books is chosen according to the proportions of Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man created around the year 1490 a.C.

D’ORO Collection has Master Craftsmen who have handed over this job from one generation to the other for more than 300 years.

The Lion

The lion is the emblem of D’ORO Collection Publishing House, symbolically guarding the cultural heritage of mankind.
Thelion is fully aware of its past and its traditions, but at the same time fearlessly looking at the future.
A proud golden lion resting its paw on an open book representing the origins and the future.

Cultural luxury

D’ORO Collection publishes exclusive books which are meant to stand the test of time. Works of art which are unique in their beauty and accurate details, objects to collect and be handed down through generations.
A Publishing House that guards stories, personal life experiences andassets of individual heritage, transforming the book into an opportunity to remember the past, live the present time and look towards the future, thus contributing to spreading a cultural message.
A D’ORO Collection book is a rare if not unique object with priceless intrinsic value.

Unique artefacts of everlasting quality

D’ORO Collection starts its journey towards excellence by selecting the best Italian raw materials, from paper to silk and bookbinding leather.
Every book is entirely handcrafted and protected by gold covers which are true sculptures resulting from a sequence of 18 careful steps. They may be hand-carved on pure gold or gold-plated with golden leaves.
The result is a jewel book, a tailor-made product, designed and created for those who believe culture has an immense and inestimable value that must be preserved in the course of time.

Craftsmanship, passion and tradition

From printing to bookbinding, the D’ORO Collection Volumes are entirely handmade following the most ancient Italian craft traditions of excellence.
Painters, sculptors, engravers and binders work together in what can be defined a culture-producing factory located along Via Appia Antica, in the very heart of Rome.
Excellence is the distinctive feature of D’ORO Collection, a value that needs to be carefully protected and nourished day after day.
It is a most important value which aims at perfection and is common to all D’ORO Collection books and their enthusiasts.