Bespoke Book

D’ORO Collection accompanies its enthusiasts through the creation of the perfect book, the one that mostly represents them: a unique bespoke publication.

Master craftsmen and artists are strongly committed to creating a work of art together with the Client, from the contents down to the finest details.

A D’ORO Collection Volume contains important stories, autobiographies written by the author in person or by trusted expert biographers who – after a number meetings and interviews – are in a position to report about ideas, beliefs, values, life experiences or success stories.

Unique hand-printed and hand-bound books: the Clients may decide on every single detail and be involved in all steps of the process.

Having nurtured and kept centuries-old traditions alive, D’ORO Collection can offer an endless number of customization solutions.
The Client chooses the type of paper, the paper thickness and the way in which the text is applied onto the blank pages, whether written by hand, by movable types – strictly following the traditional twenty-eight steps – or hand-printed.

The lithographies may be painted directly on paper or printed, with either photographic or lithographic printing.

The book covers are true golden sculptures reproducing the requested subject: their leather finishes fully reflect the Client’s taste.

Bookbinding is an entirely manual process from folding to stitching the pages together.

Unique books, printed in single copies or limited editions for a few very special people.

Volumes which are meant to be precious frames for unique contents and valuable repositories for those who want their stories to be preserved in a timeless fashion.

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