50 days

50 Days Waiting Time

Choosing a D’ORO Collection book means choosing a prestigious work, entirely made in Italy following the most ancient and sophisticated bookbinding techniques.

“The waiting time is of paramount importance: it guarantees that the book is unique, handmade and highly valuable”.

We do not implement mass production. Each book is specially made for its collector: the copy number is notified to the collector at the time of the order and the book starts to be created. Book creation is completed in 40 days, then the book is submitted to stringent quality checks before being finally shipped: this is why we need 50 days.

Perfect bookbinding is accomplished through accurate paper folding which is made manually with millimeter accuracy, using the traditional bone folder.

The pages are positioned on wooden frames of the type used in the Middle Ages and are stitched one by one using a needle and a cotton thread.

After all the pages have been stitched, hammered and glued we proceed to cutting and rasping to obtain the proper deckled finish which is typical of a handmade book.

We manually sew the headband to a leather core: this is the first step in the creation of the spine which is strengthened by means of lacing-in using hemp and parchment.

Finally, after meticulously aligning all the book edges, we apply the support cores for the covers that are made of leather and subsequently nestled in the gilded sculptures which characterize the D’ORO Collection Volumes.

Each book is kept 100 hours under a manual press to retain its shape forever.

At the end of the 100 hours, the vice grip is loosened, the Volume is withdrawn and is ready for the quality checks and, finally, for shipment.