D’ORO Collection going to Indonesia

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There is no friend as loyal as a book – Ernest Hemingway. Rightly said, because a good book is not only created with the papers but it further creates memories that last forever. And for that, the D’ORO collection is all set to lighten up Indonesia with its illuminating bespoke collection. The collection speaks a thousand words about the uniqueness of excellence and the bespoke luxury.
D’ORO is completely made by hand and attired with gold in the most careful manner. Here we believe in nothing but just the best. We depend on the optimum raw material and the excellent quality of paper to demonstrate something exuberant and eye-grabbing. D’ORO’s books have managed to capture the lives of the great leaders in the most beautiful way.

The lovers of culture and tradition in Indonesia can combine their enormous love for art with the exotic D’ORO collection. D’ORO is going to Indonesia and we are here to interpret your imagination and transform it into a magical beauty of art. Our bespoke luxury of the handmade book will help create the history of your life and its stories that will reflect your values and norms in the best possible way. Our custom creation will help you to customise the D’ORO collection as per your need and desire. From the number of pages to the quality of the book cover, it all entirely depends on your requirements.
A book is not just the bunch of papers clustered together, for us, it is a far beyond precious thing. That is why we not only print your stories beautifully but we also make them memorable with the beauty of the finishing touch that we give to it. We depend only on the best raw material and excellent quality of leather as we don’t believe in compromising the quality. D’ORO’s bespoke collection blends your past with a stunning present and with the everlasting glittering future.
It is said that don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it come to the bespoke book from the D’ORO’s collection then the words are not enough to summarise the elegance and grace. The cover of the D’ORO collection’s book is beautifully carved with the golden foil that makes each book a stroke of pure luxury.
The D’ORO collection is just perfect to enhance the beauty of your library. And now, we are going to Indonesia, to enrich the country’s beauty with our flawless collection. Indonesia is outlined with the beautiful beaches and stunning islands. It unfolds thousand treasures and diversity of culture, and the D’ORO collection is equally splendid.
D’ORO collection’s highest concern is the quality and our craftsmen make each piece of it a masterpiece of art. We just have one thought in our mind before presenting the collection, to mix the love of culture with luxury and to present something worth cherishing forever.
We believe in executing the strong purpose of your stories by strengthening it with the artistry of our skilled art work. As now, D’ORO’s collection opens up in Indonesia to present the handmade book of its own kind to be appreciated forever.