mercoledì, 04 Maggio 2016 / Pubblicato in gold books, News
The result is a ceremonious combination of written and visual beauty. This is a D'ORO gold book
martedì, 03 Maggio 2016 / Pubblicato in gold books, News
As all eyes turn to the upcoming Parsons event in New York, the D'ORO Collection will be illuminated by the light of the contemporary art world. In its first steps, to becoming established in the international art community, D'ORO's presence at Parsons promises to propel The D'ORO Collection into the global collector’s consciousness.
lunedì, 21 Luglio 2014 / Pubblicato in gold books, News
Dino Salvatore Giorgio, CEO at D’ORO, received on 16 July, the Kouros International Award dedicated to the Italian excellence. “This is an important day for D’ORO which for years has been at the forefront in defense of quality, craftsmanship and Italian culture” has said Dino Salvatore Giorgio.
giovedì, 22 Maggio 2014 / Pubblicato in gold books, News
D’ORO Collection is a Publishing House of the Powerful, which exalts the most important lives in the world and encloses them in a single casket and extols the modern stories and heroes that it describes. These volumes are not made for bookshops; they are works of art intended only for people that have an interior