Brodziak brings to Rome the sensuality of the female universe

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D’ORO Collection – Gold Books presents the book premiere of Brodziak ONE by Szymon Brodziak.

Thursday, October 2, 2014 at La.Vi Latteria & Vineria in via Tomacelli, 23 (Rome) from 9.00 PM will host the presentation of “Brodziak ONE” first book of photographs of the acclaimed fashion photographer Szymon Brodziak. The event is presented by the Publishing House D’ORO Collection which always brings forward a concept of cultural luxury supporting all those artists who share the same values​​.

Brodziak “ONE” is a Book of almost 400 pages of black and white photographs that summarizes the last 10 years of Szymon Brodziak professional and artistic activity. “ONE” begins with a personal dedication from June Newton, the wife of the legendary Helmut Newton which Szymon Brodziak is considered the natural artistic. heir. It presents advertising campaigns, calendars, editorials and Szymon’s personal projects that have never been published before. Through his lens Brodziak boldly captures the disruptive sensuality of the female universe creating images with strong emotional impact for the viewer. During the event there will be a DJ set of the Italian-French DJ Julia Gautier and a live performance inspired by the sensual photos of Szymon Brodziak. Since the inaugural event of October 2th until October 26th the club La.Vi. Latteria & Vineria will host a vernissage of the most famous works realized by Szymon Brodziak.

“Brodziak ONE” will be available for sale in October 2014 and for the duration of the vernissage every opera on exhibition will be on sale at the club La.Vi. Latteria & Vineria.

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‘What you see, is who you are’ – says Szymon Brodziak, born 1979 in Poland, an economy graduate taken over by passion for photography. After quitting family business, he worked in various advertising agenies, assisting in fashion and advertising shoots, which today are his main fields of professional activity. His photographs have been published in various fashion and lifestyle magazines, including international edtions of Playboy and Italian Vogue. Still as a student, Szymon won Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for the constant fulfillment of dreams and the passion for setting new paths in the search of beauty. Since then he has obtained many international awards, both for commercial and personal projects, including 3 Gold Medals at 2012 Prix de la Photographie Paris. During 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Brodziak has been officially acclaimed by FashionTV, the best black&white campaign photographer of the world.