Abu Dhabi royalty enjoys the treasures of D’ORO

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D’ORO gold book is presented to the Son of the President of Abu Dhabi, on his private tour around UAE’s national gallery.

At the opening of last weeks exhibition in Dubai’s Nation Towers, Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan was guided around LeVault’s showroom, viewing an abundance of luxury items, one being The Golden Horses. Standing next to the book, the Sheikh enthusiastically watched as a representative of LeVault turned each page and told the story of D’ORO.

For the D’ORO Collection it was a great honour to see him stop and enjoy the pages of our handcrafted book. We hope in the future, many great people can experience the passion shown in the golden pages of D’ORO .

Also included in the exhibition was work from Rocketbyz providing Dubai’s first “Glow in the Dark” exhibit.

Watch the video of Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan viewing The Golden Horses at www.instagram.com/doro_gold_books